Monday, February 12, 2007

Down 2 lbs!!!! Goal is so close, I can smell it. :)

Anyway, here's my tracker for yesterday:

Peanut butter sandwich=4 pts

Tuna salad= 4 pt
10 ff crackers=2 pts
1 handful goldfish=3 pts (not worth it)

Mocha=3 pts
Dove chocolate=1pt

Burrito=15 pts
chips=4 pts

Total: 36!!!!!
Used 14 Weekly Allowance

Yikes! I mean, I planned to use some weekly allowance pts, but whoa! I can't use the rest until Friday. Ed is taking me to a really nice restaraunt and I want to be able to eat what I want. I haven't had a chance to run the last few days because of all the house projects going on. I need to prioritize that. My goal is to run 10 miles a week, so I think I can get that in before next Monday.

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