Monday, February 19, 2007

I don't have a lot of time, but I wanted to say I broke my strike of no running. I ran 3 miles yesterday and I did it in 28:44!!! That's a new personal best for me. And I only took 2 walk breaks. I felt good. Maybe the week break helped me.

We are in house "get ready to sell" mode, so I'll probably be spotty in posting the next week. I have weigh in tonight. I'll try to get back on and post results.


I started feeling ill as the day went on. I couldn't make it to weigh in. :( But, it's probably best. I was a little nervous to weigh in. ?

Here's my daily tracker: (I think I've been eating like a horse because of all the stuff I'm doing around the house, PLUS keeping up my "work load" with the kids)

special K= 2pts
mocha=3 pts

spicy wrap=7.5 pts
spicy sauce=140, 14,0 (4 pts)
small fry=5.5 pts

2 cups linguini=8 pts
1 cup sauce=1 pt

Total: 31 pts
9 flex used.

Notice the over abundance of fruits and veggies???? ha ha

Mental Note: eat fruit

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