Saturday, February 17, 2007

Oh my God today was so busy. I woke up and hit the floor running. With the help of my faithful friend Monica, look at what I accomplished today:

* Make Home Depot trip
* Clean up yard and back patio.
* Plant topiaries in these gorgeous urns on the front porch (BEAUTFUL!)
* Box up all the clutter in my house and put in attic
* Take a truck load of trash to dump
* Take a truck load of things to GoodWill
* Buy and install new fixtures for bathrooms
* Clean out Amelia's room and set up (to look cute and spacious-lol)
* Clean up after workers hung sheet rock in our kitchen ceiling
* Sweep and vaccuum entire house

All this just to move! LOL

It's 6pm and I'm about to fall over. Ed took the kids to his mom's for the day since they have all been slightly under the weather. I was happy to be in charge of getting stuff done here anyway. I must have earned 3 or 4 activity points. Seriously.

My eating was all over the place today:

Mocha= 4
Reduced Fat (my ass) coffee cake=7 pts

Chips/salsa= 4
2 fish tacos= 10
Corn chowder=4

Total: 30 pts
AP= 3 pts

27 pts!!! And I'm not even hungry for dinner. So I think I'll pass. I heavily overestimated my points, so it may have been lower. But, better safe than sorry. Thank God tomorrow is Sunday. A new week is starting. The bulk of my house work is done, so now it's just a matter of keep it tidy. Ugh. All that to say, I'm hoping to get my groove back with running this next week.

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