Sunday, February 04, 2007

Well, I did well last night. I had one glass of wine and just ordered appetizers and a salad to eat. I'm sure I didn't spend all my points, but it's hard to figure exactly how many I ate. I'm just going to assume I ate all my flex and call it a day!

Today we went to church and then this evening we're having friends over for the Super Bowl. I'm making a bunch of food I'm not going to eat. LOL Baked Bre, chips and dip, cokes, nachos. The one thing I can and will eat is the veggies of the veggie tray my friend is bringing. I also bought some Michelob Ultra (2 pts a bottle) so that I can take part in the "beer ritual" of football. Ha ha. I hate beer...

Here's my daily tracker so far. I'll include my "planned" eating for tonight:

Banana (I was busy and had to run out the door)= 2 pts

Willy's Chicken salad with veggies, chicken, black beans, salsa and 2 tbsp sour cream= 7pts
Diet coke

Mocha= 3pts

Veggies=0 pts
FF ranch=1 pt
**Jen's 2 pt pizza = 2 pts
3 beers= 6 pts

Total= 21 pts

***Recipe for 2 pt pizza,,,,I live on these when I need to fill up, but eat low pts. I saute' a ton of veggies every week (onions, bell peppers, yellow squash, zuchini, with spices) and keep it all in a tupperware container in the frig to add to meals. This is what I top my pizza with.

1 Light Flat Out flatbread (8g fiber)= 0pts
2 spoonfuls tomato paste= 0pts
Veggie Sautee'=0pts
1/4 cup part skim mozzerella=2 pts
Garlic powder
Minced onion
Onion powder

I love this pizza! I sprinkle it with hot sauce and pour a big cup of water to go with it. It's great!

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