Saturday, February 03, 2007

Friday- Feb 2nd's Daily Tracker

Yesterday I was so busy I forgot to post my daily tracker. I switched the kid's rooms around and cleaned out a ton of stuff and the day got ahead of me.

Here's what I ate:

Lite string cheese= 1 pt
Clementine= 0 pts
Tall nf, no whip Mocah= 3 pts

1 Can white potatos with seasoning= 4 pts
2 rolls= 2 pts

Special K bar= 2pts
handful of goldfish= 2 pts (?)

1 cup hot n sour soup= 2pts
Fried "noodle" in soup= 1 pt
4 pcs california sushi roll=3 pts

Smart Ones Mississippi Mud Pie= 3 pts

Total: 22 pts!

(I'm pretty sure I earned at least 1 AP for all the work I did with the rooms yesterday, but I figured I'd just let it go since I've over done it a little bit on food lately)

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