Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's funny how your old self can creep back up when you think you've some so far. I haven't fallen off the wagon (I'm still staying under my daily point allowance) I'm just not picking the healthiest foods. I find myself reaching for 100 Calorie cookies or Weight Watcher cakes and ice cream instead of fruits or veggies. My main goal in all this is to adopt a healthy lifestyle not just substitute cookies for fat free cookies. I also haven't been motivated to do any exercise lately. Before the last 2 weeks I had been walking at least 3 times a week and doing some yoga/Pilates dvd's at night. Now I'm just so tired at night I want to veg out. But I need to remember that exercise gives me energy. I think the best time for me is either in the morning with the kids or at night without the kids. I nurse my daughter at night around 8pm and then put her to bed. Ideally that would be the best time for me to go walking (and my poor, neglected dog Annie). I know I crave exercise somewhere inside. I like the "alone" time and the good feeling it gives you. I was an athlete in high school and I loved being active and challenging myself physically. I miss that. I'd like to just be generally more active. I've been making lame excuses too. Like: "I don't feel like pulling the crap out of my trunk and putting the double jogger in there." Now how lame is that? Heck- the calories it takes to do all that is a benefit too right? lol

I think the trick with exercise and working it into your daily life is to not think of it as this big separate event you HAVE to do. If I could just be "active" for 30 mins a day I'd accomplish a healthy balance of exercise. I enjoy walking, jogging (when I work up to the shape it takes to do it!), yoga, pilates, jazzercise (cheezy- but love it!). I just need to think of it as "me time" instead of a chore. My husband plays football with a bunch of guys every Saturday morning. The man looks forward to it every week. Yet when he's done- he looks like he ran a marathon! But- because it's "his thing" -he doesn't look at it like a chore. That's the mindset I need. Well- and the fact that I'd like to do it more than once a week. It's also hard being a nursing mother. I can't really leave her more than 2 hours because she needs to nurse. (Sometimes more frequently in the evening). But, see, there I go again-making excuses.

So- here are my exercise goals:

Go walking at night- either alone, with dog, with family, whatever!
Do a yoga dvd to help relax me and energize me 3 nights a week.
Stop making excuses!!!!

On the upside- my weight keeps coming off. I was 176 lbs this morning. That's awesome! The plan really is working. I do find the "tools for living" that Weight Watchers stand by are great. My leader went over one of them: anchoring. How to pull yourself back and anchor yourself from over eating and going off track. It has really worked for me. Like if I start feeling an urge to over indulge or getting frustrated that I have to stay within a certain amount of points- I pull to my memory a picture of myself as I want to be. I visualize a pair of size 8 jeans fitting great on me by Christmas. I visualize myself being thin and active with my kids. I see myself being happy with my body. It really pulls me back into focus and keeps me on track. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the amount of time it will take to get the weight off. Ya know- how us chubby girls will do the math and try to calculate how much weight we can lose by a certain month? Anyway- sometimes it discourages me. "6 more months of counting points!!!" But then I use time to work for me. Like- "Time flies by. See how much time has passed with Christmas?" That's how much time it will take to be a size 8." After all- time keeps on slipping into the future right? ( ha ha) So why not stay with my plan and go along with it. I'll only set myself back by getting off track. It's worth it to stick to it.

As soon as I get my stupid iphoto back up and running- I'll post a progress picture. I really have slimed down some. I've had a lot of compliments on my face and how it looks slimmer. And I'm fitting into clothes easier- so that's motivating.

Peace out!

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