Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Woohoo! Down another 2.4lbs! It was somewhat surprising because the night before weigh in I had a really stressful evening. At dinner I biggie sized all my portions to double or triple. I didn't binge on junk- just basically ate two meals. And even though they were healthy choices- it was double the calories and points. Anyway I got all down and thought: "Here I go- falling off the wagon...." But then I talked to a friend and she whipped me back into shape. She reminded me how good I look and how much I've lost since having the baby. I decided to start over (in the moment- not the next day) and luckily I'm back on track. :) I made myself journal what I ate and calculate the points. Normally I would have just skipped that and started fresh the next day. But I think it helped me to see the points written down on a quick binge. How that can affect your weightloss- even if it's not bad food. My leader said that if a person ate an extra 100 calories a day than they needed-in a year's time they' will have gained 10-15 lbs. That was eye opening. That's an orange! You can over eat on fruit and still gain! Wow.

Anyway- I weighed in at 176 exactly. That's 49 lbs gone forever! Good stinkin' bye! That's 41 lbs gone while doing WW on my own and 8 lbs gone since I joined meetings. 10 more lbs and I reach my 10% goal!

I can't wait for Fall. I'm focused on wearing a smaller sized jeans when the leaves turn gold. (How cool would it be if I were in a size 8!!!) My son and I share a birthday in late October. I'm visualizing myself thinner and celebrating my birthday with my son. I'm also looking forward to not avoiding pictures. It's funny how small things are stolen from you when your weight is an issue. You avoid pictures, you avoid buying cute clothes because you're always waiting until you "lose weight," you are constantly comparing yourself to skinny people, and it's my theory you generally live life on a level 5 instead of a 10. It's like you don't really feel like yourself because you feel "under construction" all the time. So there are lots of reasons for me to keep going. I just have to anchor myself and let each day pass and have faith in the plan.

One thing I'm noticing is getting quality sleep helps me stay on plan easier. When I'm tired and stressed- I'll reach for higher point "easy" foods right when I wake up. But if I'm well rested I tend to eat more fruit and make healthier choices.

My car is in the shop so I'm stuck at home today. I'm going to do some things around the house and take it easy. I've been in "go" mode for a couple weeks now. I need to slow down and chill. Now if only the toddler and baby will cooperate...

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