Thursday, June 29, 2006

Phew! It's been busy here lately. Having two kids has definitely put a dent in my internet time. :) By the time I get them off to bed- I'm so exhausted I don't want to think or write.

I've spent the last few days trying to reflect and find that part of me that knows I can do this. It's hard being a yo yo dieter. You've tried everything, sometimes twice, three times over. So embarking on a new journey feels silly and even foolish. "There she goes again, doing a different diet every week." But what I've realized is that someone who has stuggled with weight problems and then conquered it rarely did it on the first try. It was probably a result of years of struggling and then BING! That magic x factor clicked and it worked and stuck. I feel like I've got that x factor right now. It's almost like I can already see myself thin again. Like there is nothing in between the 180 lb me and the 135 lb me. That's the first time I've truly felt that way. It's incredibly simple: follow the plan and the weight will come off. It's a "one day at a time" type thing.

This week has been going well. I've had lots of meal surprises. Two nights in a row someone invited us over for dinner. I felt myself panic each time. I was scared that would be all it took to sabotage my plan. In the past I would have said: "screw it- I'm gonna chow!" But this time I was able to limit portions and stay OP (on program) while still enjoying dinner out. I found myself trying to not focus on my meal- but on the people. To really have a good conversation and not be buried in my food. On a practical note- I asked the person what we were gonna have ahead of time. So I was able to look up the points before hand and made sure to note the portion and stick to it. I even had a glass of wine to go along! :) I love that about Weight Watchers. You can plan your day in such a way that you can really indulge without blowing it. So far this week I've only used 2 Flex Points. I'm proud of that. That was my goal for this week- to limit my flex. I'm making sure I'm getting in my fruits and veggies as well. Unlike the previous ways I've approached Weight Watchers- I'm actually thinking in terms of health- not just weight loss. That way I'm not eating a bunch of empty calories all day.

I keep remembering something my leader said last week. Everyone is always looking for the secret to weight loss. We see it on magazines, in spam email, on the news.... Thing is- there is no magic pill. It does not exist. The key is to stop making excuses and start now. Not "Monday" or after the holidays.....NOW! You don't have to go to the gym and workout everyday to be skinny. If you folllowing a healthy eating plan and just try and be active 20 mins a day- you've discovered the long, lost secret. That's it.

My second weigh in is this Monday- July 3rd. I can't wait to post my loss!!!

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