Monday, June 26, 2006

First weigh in at my Weight Watcher's meeting and I'm exactly 184 lbs. Which sucks because my home scale deceived me and told me I was 179 lbs. Oh well- I knew it would probably be wrong. I'm debating about throwing my scale out all together anyway. I weigh myself a couple times a day and that can't be good. Anyway, I really liked my leader. She was very motivating and charismatic. She lost 80 lbs on WW years ago and looks great. There were tons of people there (about 50 I'm guessing) and I met a couple moms there that were in my same boat. One thing a lot of women kept say though was that they never used their flex points. (For those not familiar with WW- you're aloud a certain number of points per day based on your height and weight and then any extra 35 points called "flex" that you use through out the week if you wish). The fact that so many said they didn't use their flex left me feeling kinda down- because I used every bit of my flex the last 2 weeks. It's so nice to get a craving and know you can splurge if you have your flex. I think I'll play around with them and see if I can just use half my flex points this week. I'm so motivated to get in the 170's now so it would be nice to have that extra boost in weight loss. Plus- I really do get to eat a lot.

Here's what I ate today just to give you an idea:
Weight Watcher's chocolate muffin (3pts)
1 cup grapes (1)

Spicy Blk Bean Burger with mozzarella cheese/spinach/tomato (6.5pts)
100 cal doritos snack pack (2 pts)
Left over brussels sprouts (0 pts)
WW carrot cake (1pt)

1 slice wasa crispbread with 1 wedge laughing cow light cheese (1pts)
8 slices turkey pepperoni (1pts)
1 cup berries (1 pts)
Tall Starbucks nonfat, no whip mocha (3.5 pts)

Lemon Chicken Lean Cuisine (6 pts)

1/2 Quesadilla (1 whole wheat tortilla, 2 tbsp Guiltless Gourmet Blk Bean Dip, 1oz mozz cheese)- 5 pts
1 WW carrot cake- 1pt
100 calories cookie - 2 pts
1 no pudge brownie- 2 pts

No too shabby eh?

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