Sunday, June 25, 2006

Well today was nice. Ed let me sleep in until 9am (when the baby woke up) and I fed her and then took my 2 yr old to Starbucks to get a mocha. Fischer gets a chocolate milk and I get a mocha- it's our little tradition. A fat free, no whip grande mocha is 4.5 pts and I'm totally willing to spend them because I LOVE mochas! We got home and got ready for church. Good sermon. It was about money and how to be good stewards of your money. But I kept feeling like it was for me in relation to food. Kris (pastor) kept saying "slow, steady, hard work pays off." I'm such an instant gratification girl that it's hard for me to stay committed to something if it doesn't have an immediate pay off. Alas! There's my problem with diets! I love them when I get that initial big loss and then I get bored and think there has to be the "next best thing" just around the corner. In the mean time I fall off the wagon and gain back the 5-7 lbs I just lost. *sigh* Anyhoo- it was just a good reminder of sticking to something and being patient. I read somwhere that it's important to "have faith in the plan." That's a revelation for me- I tend to lose faith in the plan easily. It will work if you stick to it. It's that simple.

After church we went to Willy's Mexican Grill. I tried to look up points prior (I knew we were going there after church) but couldn't find it on Dottie's site ( or any nutritional info on Willy's site. So I looked up another Mexican Grill and it averaged 15 pts for a veggie burrito. So that's what I got. Plus a diet coke, plus chips (roughly 3 pts). I let myself spend those points because I love eating out after church and that's the only time we really go out to eat. Tonight I'll make a 2-3 pt soup for dinner and a salad. Then a snack at bedtime. I spent all my flex this week already. My flex points renew Monday so I have to stay OP (on plan) today and not go over. No exercise today. It's pouring rain here and I'm tired anyway. I jogged 20 mins yesterday and my muscles are sore. I think they need rest. I'm still trying to find a Weight Watchers meeting that will work for me and baby and Ed's schedule. I have to sneak it in between feedings and Ed's work. Most of the one's near me are at 6:30pm or during the day. And I can't really see myself dragging my 2 yr old and infant to a day time meeting- so it's either 6:30pm on a week night or an 8am meeting on Saturday. I think it will be the 8am one. As much as I want to sleep in- I also want some time for myself and that meeting weekly. I guess I'm mulling over it so much because I don't want to skip around- I want to stay with the same meeting each week so I can get to know my leader get connected.

I've been on WW now for 2 weeks. According to my scale I've lost around 5 lbs. But my scale sucks and is always off. So I have no idea how much I actually weigh. This morning my scale put me right at 179 lbs. That made me happy because it's always nice to be out of one range and into the next lowest. Hello 170's! My mini goal right now is to be 175 by July 4th. It's June 25th today- so that's 10 days away. I wonder if I can.....

My goal for this next week is to try and avoid my flex points. This past week I gobbled them up quickly. It's kinda like having a savings account- it's not good to be constantly taking money out of it. I'd rather wait until the day before my flex renew and maybe use half and splurge. Besides- I'm nursing and I have 34 points a day to work with. That's a lot. In reality- I don't need the flex. I can usually do pretty well and not feel deprived if I spread my points out sensibly. My other goal is to drink 5 16oz bottles of water per day. I'm drinking easily around 4. I figure 5 would be even better and keep me hydrated and keep my true hunger in check.

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monica said...

I am so proud of you Jen. I know you can do this. I can't wait to celebrate with you when you meet your goal, because I know you will!!!

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