Monday, April 02, 2007

I reached goal!!!!! I weighed in a 139.4. You're probably saying: "Wait...isn't 135 lbs your goal?"

Well, kinda sorta. See, I talked to my WW leader about this darn 2-3 lbs I kept gaining and losing since January. She suggested that I adjust my goal to 139 lbs. She thinks my body is leveling off and said that if I'm in a size 4 at 5'6", I'm at a good "skinny" weight. It's smack dab in the middle for what's recommended for my height and it's something I can realistically maintain. So, after thinking about it, I decided to officially change it! So, I'm officially starting maintainance with WW!!! Now I'm still planning on following the plan as I have. I wouldn't mind getting down to that 135 mark. But, with my goal adjusted, the pressure of losing quickly is now removed. And once I maintain 139 for 6 weeks, I don't have to pay WW's anymore!

So after my meeting I went to Marshall's to check out their spring dresses. I have my 10 yr reunion this month and need something "knock out." :) I found some cute things, but decided not to buy anything just yet. Then I was pleasantly surprise by my friend Tara who spontaneously called me to see if I wanted to have a late dinner with her. I was starving! So we went to one of my favorite places here in Atlanta called R Thomas. Great, organic food. Big flavor and mostly healthy. They make these free range chicken wings (grilled) that are to die for! We split a wing plate and got some hummus and raw veggies on the side. Perfect dish!

Phew! I feel like a load has been lifted off. I feel good. I'll have to get an "at goal" pic posted up here shortly. :)

Daily Tracker:
Special K Bar: 2 pts
Apple: 1 pt

WW muffin: 3 pts

Salad topped with:
chicken: 2 pts
Mozz cheese: 2 pts
green beans: 0 pts
tomatoes: 0pts
Cilantro dressing: 1 pt
Whole grain chips: 2 pts

Handful of goldfish: 1 pt (?)
Mocha: 4 pts
sf, ff pudding: 1pts

Grilled chicken wings: 15 pts (estimation)
hummus: 2 pts
veggies: 0 pts

Daily Points: 36 pts
Flex used: 11 pts
Ap's earned:3 pts


candasis said...

Awesome Jen!
We hit goal the same week...!
Can't wait to not pay. :)

yeahwright said...

I hear ya, and congrats! I have been at 140 since Sept., trying to get to 135 goal. I am changing it to 138 today. I weighed 2.5 pounds less at a before-lunch meeting, versus, my after-dinner meeting, so I really weigh less and it stinks to go nowhere for months. I wish I were a size 4, but am a 10-12 at 5-6, 140. I am a pear. CONGRATS AGAIN! WOOHOO!

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