Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Oh no!!!!!! Had weigh in last night and I was up .8 lbs! What? I knew it would happen at some point. Everyone has a gain every now and then on this journey but I still don't like it. :( The only thing I can think of is that I ate out a lot this week and didn't drink as much water as I normally do. It was a crazy busy week. I also ate a lot of Lean Cuisines which have a ton of sodium- which shows up on the scale (especially if you're not drinking a lot of water). Anyway, I was really bummed after I weighed in and then sat down for the meeting. But then my friend who just reached her goal last week told me she gained a couple times too. She said the week after she gained, she had a big loss. So hopefully next week will be a good loss for me. We'll see...

On the upside- I went shopping with a friend on Sunday and I tried on a size 8 jeans. They fit!!! They were really tight- but I got them bottoned! It felt so good to get them on. :) I didn't buy them though. Mostly because my birthday is next month and I know I'll be 8 lbs or so lighter and would like to spend my birthday money on new clothes. It was so funny because I really enjoyed shopping. I can't remember the last time I really enjoyed shopping. It was great.

Goal for this week is to drink more water and limit eating out to one time. I'm trying not to get too focused on my gain. It's just so hard when you go from an average 2 lbs loss per week to a .8 gain. Eating in will help me to control the ingredients in the food (which helps me know the actual points) and portions. I bought a Weight Watchers cookbook called In No Time. There are lots of yummy recipes in there that I want to try.

I'll post another update at next Monday's weigh in. Tootles!

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