Monday, October 23, 2006

155.6 lbs!!!! I lost 2 lbs!! This means I'm exactly 20 lbs from goal. Oh my.... It feels weird to be so close. I know 20 lbs may not be "close" to some people- but when you started out at 225- IT'S CLOSE!!! It feels good. I have noticed my weight loss slow down the closer I get. I may not be at goal by Christmas, but I'll be thinner than I am now- so that's enough for me.

This past week I did bring my daily points down 2 points from 32 to 30. Even though I don't technically need to go down to 30 points until I get below 150 lbs. I felt it was time to got down because I was maintaining my weight instead of having any significant losses for a couple weeks there. But- since I'm nursing, I want to be sensitive to my supply and what I need so if I'm hungry- I'll eat. But 30pt/day is what the plan is. All in all I feel like I'm thinking less and less about food. This is a big lifestyle change for me. It's practically in my genetic makeup to think about food 24/7. It feels odd for me to not be so obsessed over what I'm eating. Heck, at my son's birthday I was so busy talking and watching him have fun that I forgot to eat dinner. But because of that I was able to eat a piece of the yummy carrot cake I made. (Shaped into a dinosaur with cream cheese icing dyed blue, mind you). And I still lost this week! I really can't believe how easy it is now. It's really becoming habit. I don't feel like I'm on a diet. I never feel deprived. Ever.

I also have a non scale victory to share. My friend's husband had a single friend that was staying when them a couple weeks ago. Ed and I had gone over there to eat one day and we met him. My friend said the single guy talked about how "attractive Ed's wife is." Apparently he thought I was available before he realized I was married. Well, yes, I'm taken- but thanks for making my day!!! It feels really good to be "hot" again. Ha ha.

So, my birthday is Wednesday. Tomorrow night I'm going out to eat at a french restaraunt. I'm planning on spending a lot of my points. I think I'll be eating some cheese and bread and don't forget the martinis!!! Being 155 lbs is the best birthday present I could ever get.

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Lindsey Liz said...

You're amazing and such an inspiration!!!

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