Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I weighed in at 157.6 lbs last night. That's only a .4 loss. :( I know it's still a loss, but I was expecting more. Sunday I got on the scale at home and it said 155 lbs. I was thrilled - as it's been a while since I've had a big loss in one week. Then I stepped on the scale Monday morning and it said 157 lbs. (Day of weigh in). ?? So I decided to research and look back at my tracker and determine why I seem to be slowing down on the weight loss.

Several things came up:

Not a lot of fruit

Not a lot of water

Lots of fast food and high sodium meals (even though I stayed under my points)

My daily point allowance may need to be dropped by 2 since Amelia is on 2 solid food meals a day

I had lots of "events" where I did a lot of guessing about point value in the foods.

So, I'm moving forward (not dwelling on the past) and I'm making some changes. I'm gonna back off on the Lean Cuisines (sodium) and fast food. I'll reach for fruit instead of fat free pudding. And I'll drop down to 30 pts a day instead of 32 pts. Hopefully that will kick it into gear a bit.

This month is a bit challenging because my mother in law, brother in law, Ed, Me and Fischer all have birthdays in October. So there were/are some celebrations that can trip me up food-wise. This Saturday is Fischer's birthday party. I'm making 2 big pots of chili and I'm making him a carrot cake dinosaur cake. So- I'd like to have a piece with him. My goal this week is to save my weekly allowance points until then.

Whenever I experience a disappointment in relation to my weight loss journey I really have to resist being too reactive. I have to push myself to focus on the future and not dwell on the past. It's absolutely vital to keep going in order to get to goal. But it's so hard not to slip into past habits.

I'm just now remembering what I did when I stepped on the scale Sunday and it said 155 lbs. I thought: "Wow- that's gonna be a 3 lbs loss from last week when I weigh in tomorrow. I think I'll treat myself to a yummy dinner." I had a chili dog and fries. I counted my chickens before they hatched. And even though that chili dog and fries were still under my points (as unbelievable as that is-lol) I still chose unwisely and paid for it on the scale. One thing my leader says is: "You can't fool the scale. Cheating is only cheating yourself- not the scale."

Focus ahead!! :)

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