Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Well I made it into the 150's! 159.2 lbs to be exact. Oh thank God! I lingered in the 160's for way longer than I wanted. I looked back at my weigh in records and I was in the 160's for 6 weeks. That was way longer than the other "decades" I was in. :) I think officially being in the 150's is important for me because it means I'm smaller than I was after I had Fischer. I know I was 147 lbs when I got pregnant with Fischer so I'll shoot for that to be my next monthly goal.

I had my weigh in last night and then came straight home and ate a TON of food. It was a planned binge. But I pretty much blew all my weekly allowance points in one fail swoop. I had a pc of coconut cake, 4 oreos, several slices of french bread with yummy cheese spread and nutella. Oh and 3 glasses of wine. BINGE!!! But I don't feel bad because it wasn't an emotional binge fest- it was well calculated. And I accounted for everything that went into my mouth. That's the beauty of Weight Watchers. Nothing is off limits. If you want to have a night to just eat, you can. I don't do it often, but every once in a while it's a neccessity. It actually helps keep me on plan. Knowing that I can eat whatever I want within reason.

Well October is a busy month for this family. Ed's birthday is the 13th. My mother in law's is the 10th. Fischer and mine is on the 25th. Then Oct 28th through Nov 4th we're going to the beach with some friends of ours. (I know- beach in Oct/Nov doesn't make sense- but it's free and it's a vacation) Luckily these friends know I'm on Weight Watchers and I really don't have any worries about staying on plan while there. For my birthday I've asked for money to spend on clothes! I can't wait to get some new (smaller) things.

Well, I've had a week of sleepless nights here lately. Both my babies are sick and my girl seems to be teething as well. So I've not slept well at all in the last week. I wish I could crawl into bed and sleep the day away. Maybe one of these days I'll get smart enough to go to bed early.

I'll post some new pics soon of my size 8 jeans!!

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