Sunday, December 17, 2006

I did something really stupid! I registered to run a 5k on March 11! ( Yikes! I've been telling myself for months now that I want to start running again. Well, who am I kidding, I never truly ran before- more like walk fast while hoping a bit. But the point is that I was capable of *jogging* a very slow 5k some years ago. So- I've got roughly 2.5 months to train for this 5k. I figured this would kick my butt out of the door in the morning since I actually need some motivation. I'm starting a plan from called "Couch to 5K." It basically maps out baby steps to running that 3.1 miles.

I feel so foolish registering because I have no idea how far I can actually run right now since I've not run (for real) in years. But, I know I need to up the anty a bit and get my body and fitness level up to par with my Weight Watchers success. I was so inspired by a woman who also did WW and also began running. Her site is : Truly inspiring stuff on that site! This lady signed up and just started. And she started when she was around 225 lbs (and that already after she lost a significant amount of weight on WW). ANyway- now she's probably around 115 lbs or so. She looks great. All muscle and endless energy. I enjoy her blogging- dry humor. I tend to find little "nuggets" of wisdom that stick with me when I go site searching for weight/fitness inspiration. With this site it was this: "Don't plan your runs around your life. Plan your life around your runs." Good stuff. In other words: stop making excuses and do it!

So I guess my new goals are obvious: get out the door and run! Tomorrow is Monday. I start training tomorrow. I'm going to try and get up early so I can do it alone without the kiddos. My WW meeting is at 11am. So it will be a packed morning but it will feel so good to do it all.

I'll post running result and WW results tomorrow!!

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monica said...

holy crap! that is so exciting! you can do it, just look at what you have done so far!i want to take a look at that running plan, I need a kick in the a-- too.
love the new blog, very sleek.

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