Friday, December 29, 2006

Up 2.3 lbs! Can't say I'm shocked. I'm not really upset about it because the holidays are over and I know I won't face those kind of challenges for a while. Plus, I weighed in right after eating lunch, with jeans. I never do that. My WW scale at home has me at 148-ish. So, I think I maintained. I'll get in another weigh in next Tuesday. This time- go on an empty stomach and don't wear jeans! :)

On a fitness note: I've been kicking butt with runing! I've gone every day this week-2 miles a day. It feels so good to run. Though, my run last night was a little harder than the other runs this week. But from what I've read- that's normal. Ed got me an ipod shuffle to take on my runs. Light weight and easy to clip on anything.

Because of my binge on Christmas day I've been really careful all this week to not go over my daily points at all. And with running I get an extra 2pts to supplement my daily points so that's nice. It's caused me to get a little more creative with my meals and snacks. I went grocery shoppping one night this week BY MYSELF (love that!) and saw the South Beach diet morning wraps. They're in the frozen section. 1 wrap is only 1 pt because it's packed wth 15 g of fiber!! They're really good and have enough protien to keep you full. That's my new favorite low pt breakfast. Because I'm obsessed with my 3pt mocha from Starbucks- it's helps to have a low pt breakfast. That way I can have a "treat" later that day.

Well, today is Friday and I'm going to take it easy and just walk 2 miles today at the Y. I'm not sure when I'll go. Maybe I'll just walk in my neighborhood. Lord knows my dog would appreciate that. Then again, Fischer is pretty restless today so maybe we'll go to Kangazoom (indoor jump playground). We got some passes for Christmas. Ameila loves the infant play area. What to do....what to do.....

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