Saturday, December 30, 2006

Here's my little girl in her sweet Christmas dress. One thing weight loss has afforded me is being present in the pictures I take of my kids.

Ok, I had another bad night last night. I over ate. Fischer had his friend Isaac spend the night last night. It was his first spend the night and we made cookies and popcorn. I was doing well, point wise. I even did good when we went out to dinner right before. I got a bowl of black bean soup (only 2 pts) and had 1 glass of wine (2 pts). I had 6 points left over to treat myself. I had even run 2 miles yesterday so I had some APs to help me. But then I just started shoveling food into my mouth randomly. I was feeling so "snacky." I ate so much popcorn I felt so bloated by the end of the night. *sigh*

I think I've allowed myself too many excuses lately. When I first started this weight loss thing I was done with excuses. And I think in the last month I've loosened up and let myself slide a bit. I really need to stop. I have plenty of room to treat myself within the program. The holidays are over and I'm getting back to business. My old self probably would have waited until after New Year's Day (since I'm having a few out of town friends over on New Year's Eve and two events on New Year's Day to go to). But I'm not putting it off one more meal. If I want to see goal, I need to focus. So, I'm planning out my big challenges this weekend.

New Year's Eve:

Start my day off with a run.


Since I have control of what I'll serve, I'm going to put some stuff out that I can eat without going off program. Here's what I've decide on:

Shrimp cocktail (really low in points)
Veggie tray
Baked Bre (not low in points- but something I promised someone)
Beer and wine!

Keep my breakfast and lunch really low on points to help afford me some extra points at night. My Weekly Allowance points don't renew until MONDAY!!!! So, I'm forced to work with only my daily points. But I can do it.

New Year's Day: (WA points renew, thank God!!)

Again, stick to low point breakfast. I really love the South Beach breakfast wraps. They are only 1 pt! I'll have to pick up more of those.

1st event: I'm sure it will be really yummy and tempting. My game plan is to stick to protein and veggies. I will not, I repeat I will not over load on carbs and sugary snacks. I'll fill up one tiny plate and no "seconds."

2nd event: I know it's going to be pizza and beer. My game plan is 2 beers and 1 pc of pizza. Period. That will work out to roughly 11-13 pts.

So that's my plan and I'm sticking to it !

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