Friday, August 03, 2007

Oh my time has passed!

Well, I'm back OP. I got up to 147 lbs and realized that intuitive eating just doesn't work for me. I said I'd give it 3 weeks and I did and I was officially up. I've been OP for 4 days now and I feel much better. Back down to 143. Hopefully back to my 140 comfort zone.

My mom is coming in town today. That usually presents an obstacle because they like to eat out, so it takes last minute planning for me. I used most of my Flex already this week. Last night I was desparate to get out and had two Cosmos and a crab cake! My friend Monica and I split the appetizer and it was the perfect amount. Delish! I also ran 4 miles! Oh, and Sunday I ran 7 miles. My highest mileage yet!!! I'm trying my best to follow the marathon training schedule. Today is just a 3 miler, thank God.

I'll be writing in quick spurts to check in and stay accountable while my mom is in town. SO, keep watch!

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