Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hey all! Amelia is doing much better! Thanks for the inquiries. Poor girl. I took her to the pediatrician yesterday they dressed the wound in butterfly bandages and said it was nasty, but should be ok. She seems have no idea it's there.

I've been keeping up with my running schedule. Logged 3 miles last night after dinner. Running another 3 or 4 today. Last night's run was not all that great. I didn't feel "light" and I think I ran too soon after dinner. I felt sluggish and ran sluggish. But I finished the mileage! Then I went to "mom's night" at a friends house where we drank wine and talked. Halfway through we all decided we wanted authentic Mexican cheese dip, chips and salsa- so we picked some up! It hit the spot, but I totally overate. Shamefully overate. And I paid for it. I felt really yucky. I had a stomach ache when I went to bed. :( I'm really trying to learn this "full" feeling. My friend who has successfully lost and maintained with intuitive eating said I should always stop eating on the first "I think I'm full" thought. If you have to stop and think whether or not you're full, you probably are. That's where I tend to fall short. I keep eating while I ponder: Am I full? lol

I found and cool site that basically outlines what I'd like to become habit:

Great tips.

I'll be on later. I'l update with my tracker

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