Monday, July 09, 2007

Doing much better. I was in a funk and was having a hard time even eating. I didn't really count points at all. Which, looking back was probably a good thing. I needed a break. My weight has stayed put. Today is Monday and a new week.

I'm off to the gym for my first attempt at fitness again since my toe drama. Body sculpting. I'm looking forward to it. Then, we're going out to dinner with some friends to a pizza place. I've got lots of points left so I'll get a salad and pizza. :)

Here's my tracker:

Skipped breakfast (too busy)

TJ's Mid East Feast (pre prackaged thing with pita, hummus, tabouli, and some other dip thingy)= 9pts

1 slice pizza=7 pts
1 salad=5 pt

That leaves 3 pts to have a treat later.

1 comment:

Candace Smartt said...'s been two days - update.

(I know, that was real original.)

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