Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Hey, I'm here

I've been one crazy-busy-mommy-wife-doula lately.  Births and babies, babies and births.  Different kinds of births and babies of all ages.  But one thing is for sure- with summer I'm outdoors all the time.  It just makes me feel good.  Whether the kids and I are playing,  I'm at bootcamp, weeding a garden, at the YMCA pool, I'm in the sun.  It just feeds me to be outdoors.  

Notice how I plant my mocha in the nature shot?  My basil are getting ginormous.  And my hydrangeas are so big this year.  We picked a few to give to Millie's teacher on the last day of school.

Here's my girl.  Never stays gone from me too long.  We live on the deck in the mornings.

I planted some cherry tomatoes in this old barrel and by God is growing!

I can haz a mocha...

And a really bad shot of me in my bathroom.  My legs are coming along.  I can tell the shape is changing.  I'm proud of my body!



I've totally fallen of the food wagon.   Not horribly, but just sort of farting around with my diet.  I hate that expression, but it fits.  Especially if I eat beans.  

Bad joke.

My husband knows me well.  He's challenged me to lose 7-10 lbs before our beach trip in July.  He knows I'm competitive.  So he's doing it with me.  He's counting his calories with an app an everything.  He's already lost 40 lbs this past year.  From, you know, giving up beer and stuff.  I hate men.  But I love him. And it all boils down to the bikini.  I bought a nice one.  Here it is.  This is my way of sneaking in a progress pic in a bikini.  

I feel pretty darn good in it!

Okay, I'm tired.  It's totally, like, 9pm and I'm barely holding my eyes open an making bad jokes.  I'm off the hook.  Crazy.  I'll see you floggers later.  Peace. 


Jenn said...

And you look good in it.

Did you steal my pug?

Lindsey Elizabeth Burke said...

DANG GIRL!!!!!!! You look great in that bikini!!!!! You little hottie!

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