Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Toasty Mochas

My mom bought me this espresso maker when she came in town this weekend.  I had mixed feelings.  I love the idea of making my own mochas for shear, practical reasons like saving money and not going somewhere to get it.  But I also like the ritual of going somewhere.  And I like the taste of mochas that other people make.  You know how cooking yourself something never tastes as good as someone else cooking for you?  And getting a mocha breaks up my morning.  And if you're a mom of three small kids- you get that.    

Anyway- here she is: 

The coffee cozy is made by my friend Booke at  She makes the coolest stuff from recycled materials.  She didn't ask me to plug her- but her stuff seriously rocks.  So there.  

And so all was good.  I was enjoying my new found barista abilities until the little bitch toasted to a crisp burned the living hell out of my wrist.  How was I supposed to know you had to "release the pressure before removing lid?"  Oh yeah, cause it's written ON the lid.  I think I was dropped as a baby.  

I burned my wrist and the top of my left hand.  Hurt like a bitch!  I had to keep ice on it all day long to avoid the stinging.  I concocted an Ice Pack Stayer Onner with ice packs you put in kids lunches and medical tape.  I looked like a retarded Rower Ranger.  Thankfully my friend hooked me up with some pain killers.  She gave me two and I had hoped to only need one and save the other one for a "rainy day" as my mother would say.  No such luck.  Needed both.  

Here it is today.  Much better!

And even with my injuries, I've made a couple mochas since with success.  And I'm happy to say they are good and worthy of my love.  Sorry Starbucks- I can no longer pay your utility bills every month.  


Monica said...

my favorite part is that you actually have it in a cup that says starbucks, hilarious. now, is this as good as the egg cooker?, because that blew my mind. love it.

Jen Gordon said...

The verdict is still out about the espresso maker. I'm actually sipping a home grown mocha as I type. I really like the ritual of making it. (Minus the burn part). And the mochas are fab. Yeah, it's probably in the same realm as the egg cooker.

It's only $35!!! That's, like, 2 weeks of mochas from Starbucks.

Lindsay said...

um...i know this is bad---but i have unlimited access to starbucks mocha mix at work....i mean it comes in like 2-pound bags....maybe i can convince my boss to let me buy one wholesale and that will be my gift to you!

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