Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hollaback Garden

I get giddy thinking about my garden.  GIDDY.  I love it.  I obsess over it.  Every morning I peek out the window hoping to see a flash of any red which would tell me a tomato is ripe and ready.  My tomato plants are so tall and big and huge that I have to tie it up to itself and the tomato cage just to keep it contained.  I pick every dead leaf off.   I get oddly angry when I see a bug on a leaf trying to get all up in my garden shit.  I'm like "No you di-ent" And it's like "Oh yes I did!" And then Gwen Stefani's Halloback Girl starts playing out of nowhere.

Here's my broccoli and cucumber.  If I can keep Ameila from eating every single cucumber off the vine this year, I'll be happy.  She loves "pickles."  

Red bell pepper.  Obviously not ready yet, but can't wait!

And I got all domestic and stuff this week and decided to branch out from my standard italian chicken/sweet potato/green veggie staple meal.   I have a major crush on my crock pot.  It just makes my chicken tender.  I was going to say "That's what she said," but it didn't make sense.  Anyway, I made some coconut curry chicken.  And it actually worked! I suck at chicken.  The only way it ever turns out tender and juicy for me is with the crockpot.  So I had the the ingredients and threw it in for about 3.5 hrs on high.  Despite looking like a sludgy, white mess at first, it came out great!

Coconut Curry Chicken
6 chicken breasts
2 -6z cans coconut milk
2 tbsp of red curry past
A lil tumeric
A lil garam masala
A lil cumin

It came out so great that I forgot to take a picture of it.  Oops!  I served it with brown rice and cilantro and lemon.  Y to the UM.  

And then there's this:

Senora Sparkly Unicorn Princess and Fatty McButter Pants


Amanda said...

I'm on vacation and I have missed your blogs!!! SO glad to see you posted some new stuff. :)

Will you please, please, PLEASE post how you make you Italian chicken in the crock pot. My crock pot chicken stuff always comes out dry...I can do chicken in the oven or the grill but the crock pot always fails me. And I NEED some good lunch ideas!

Jen Gordon said...

I simply put skinless, boneless chicken breasts in the crock w/ Italian dressing! I just cover the breasts w/ dressing to where a little puddles around it. Cook on high for maybe 2 hrs. I check on it a lot until it's juicy and falls apart.

Amanda said...

Do you use frozen chicken breasts? Or do you thaw them out first?

I can't wait to make this! This will be my lunch next week with some good veggies!

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