Saturday, May 24, 2008

300th Post!

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That's pretty cool! I started this blog in June of 2006 and have remained faithful to my weight loss journey ever since. :) Feels good to see that "300" for some reason. Reminds me of how far I've come. 2 years on plan! There have definitely been bad days and I have not been perfect, but I've made changes that have changed my life forever.

I started at 225 lbs after the delivery of Amelia. I did one month of Jenny Craig (it was a special) and lost 15 lbs. Then I could not fathom eating anymore frozen meals. I immediately joined Weight Watchers and have been on it ever since. I know it's the plan I'll do the rest of my life. :) It's funny but I'm already looking forward to the breastfeeding points I get when this peanut is born. LOL I lose so quickly when I breastfeed. It's like a fun game.

It's been a hectic week. My aunt had a heart attack (at 47). Luckily she's okay and is being released today from the hospital. She going to have to drastically change her diet according to her doctor. She's been hit with the reality that her eating has not only caused her to be overweight, but jeopardized her life. Her eyes are open. Mine were too as I sat in the hospital room visiting her. There is so much incentive to eat healthy. Our youth is stolen from us when we let years go by and feed our bodies junk. All the more reason to find balance and start now. Not Monday.

My mom has been in town because of my aunt and we've been eating out a lot. Luckily I've made healthy choices. Lost of salads, soups and protein. I craved a burger last night and ordered one. I ended up eating 1/4 of it (if that), most of my fries (shared some with Amelia) and all my ceasar salad. I figure that's gotta be SOME progress right? LOL I very well could have skipped a salad and just ate the burger and fries.

I'm really trying to avoid diet drinks. I have a weakness for diet coke or coke zero on certain occasions. I'd prefer a real coke over anything, but sometimes I don't want to give up the points for one. And even thought it seems easy to substitute a diet soda, they are soooooooo bad for you. Especially when you're pregnant. So I'm really trying to avoid it all together. With an occasional coke. I've been drinking a lot of sparkling water. All flavors. I'm really starting to like it! It has taken some practice for me. An acquired taste if you will. My favorite is LaCroix. I've been buying it two cases at a time. No aspartame, bubbly and fresh! Perfect beverage.

Here's my tracker for today:


WW's muffin: 3 pts
Mocha: 3 pts


Bean soup: 4 pts
Ceasar salad: 4 pts
roll: 1 pts

Morning weight: 149 lbs

Not sure about dinner yet as my step dad is coming into town this afternoon and we're not sure if we're going to go out to eat or eat in. Either way I'll be making healthy choices!

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