Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Holy Energy Batman!

I woke up today (after only 7 hours of sleep which is usually not enough these days) and I hit the ground running! I was out the door to Target to get diapers. The kids and I picked up our usual at the Starbucks at Target. Then we hit IKEA to get these great potty seats they have that look just like the Baby Bjorn ones except they're $3.99. I found some book shelves that Ed has been wanting in a dark wood got those two. I came home, did lunch, put receptive nappers down to nap and then proceeded to put together both shelves and surprise Ed with a new office upstairs in our room. It's about time we get things together and at least pretend we're organized.

THEN I cleaned up our back yard from the BBQ. Phew! Washed dishes, cleaned the kitchen and now I'm on my way to Total Body! LOL I'm on a roll.....

Here's my tracker so far:

Lowfat yogurt: 3pts
High protein granola: 2 pts
Mocha: 4 pts

Picked at some leaf over bean dip: 5pt
Chips: 4 pts

We're going to Salsa for dinner. I'll probably get chips, salsa and a salad of some sort. I'll update when I get home.

TOtal Body: +4 pts

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