Monday, May 05, 2008

Life is busy!

Just pushing along. Having a hard time updating this blog lately. I think by the time I get on the computer at night I'm usually brain dead. :)

So far so good. I'm coasting on the wave of of the first trimester and trying to make healthier choices. Junk food is so tempting and I have to admit I've given in a lot. But I do think that even when I do chose the junk food, I don't eat it like I used to. I usually stop if I get full and I only really eat when I'm truly hungry. Overeating just doesn't suit me well these days. It makes me more sick than if I didn't eat at all.

Here's my daily tracker:

Oatmeal: 3 pts
Mocha: 3 pts

TJ's Veg chili: 6 pts
Salad with cherry tomatoes and avacado and dressing: 4 pts

3 hershey kisses: 3 pts
raisen brand/milk: 4 pts

Chicken stew: 5 pts

Activity points: 3 pts (walk 3 miles)

I'll probably have another 3 pt snack before bed.

Total: 28 pts

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