Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How you burn calories while sitting on your butt

Breastfeeding.....a postpartum girl's best friend.

We're settling in quite nice here.  I feel great.  Better than any of my other births.  I did have a 2nd degree tear, but surprisingly I feel no pain from it at all.  I do have some lingering pubic bone soreness, but that was before the birth.  All in all I'm a firm believer that recovering from an unmedicated childbirth is much, much easier.  

Breastfeeding is going smoothly.  I'm enjoying it very much.  It's pretty  much all I do.  This boy is ALL about nursing .  Seriously, like every 30 mins.  My milk came in without much fanfare because this man child keeps emptying them so thoroughly.  I kept waiting for engorgement and it never really came.  We had a pediatrician appt yesterday and he's already back up to his birth weight.  

Fischer and Amelia are adjusting well.  We were mainly worried about Amelia.  She has been extremely emotional and having more than a fair share of tantrums.  We're working on having grace for her, while still disciplining.  She had a break through today and asked to hold Shepherd.  I got a pic.  She was very proud she held him all by herself.  She's since helped me change a few diapers. 

So far so good on the three kids "thing."  (Me and my whole FOUR DAYS of experience as a mom of three).  I feel blessed and very happy.  I'm living in the moment and trying to remember to take care of myself.  I'm soaking up every moment of Shepherd's teeny tininess.  Even in the sleep deprived moments in the middle of the night I just stare at him.  Unending patience that somehow reveals itself despite myself.  I read in a book that a mom of multiple kids should take at least 6 weeks "off" before resuming normal stuff.  I felt like that was ridiculous, but the theory is the whole "happy mom makes happy kids."  I'm a believer.  

Well, I've got a baby who wants to nurse!  


Kelle Ortiz said...

oh I can't wait!!
I am sooo happy for you.

You are getting me really excited and ready.

thanks for sharing.

brocks*mom said...

I'll have to remember to soak it up next time. I was so tired I couldn't see straight with my first.

He's beautiful - love the picture with Amelia, too sweet:)

gwen said...

What a chubby little arm, he is just precious!

Lindsey Elizabeth Burke said...

I'm joining you with a baby that is obsessed with eating. DANG. Love it :)

I am so glad Millie is warming up to him! She is going to be GREAT and I have a feeling like a little Mommy to him!

Okay...almost time to nurse him (Noah, not Shepherd) :)

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