Saturday, December 13, 2008

Initial postpartum weightloss is great for immediate gratification!

So, I got on the scale (first time in months) when I got home from the hospital.  197.  Yowza!  No biggie, I thought.  That was Sunday.

Tuesday I got on the scale.  190.  Cool.

Thursday I got on the scale (I wasn't obsessing so much as I was just plain curious).  187.

Today I got on the scale: 183.  

Sweet!  At this rate I'll be back in my size 4's by New Years!  (Ha ha)

I pulled out my WW's book today.  Starting to get in the frame of mind to lose this pregnancy weight.  Looks like I'll be eating 34 pts (including nursing pts) per day.  Cool.  I can do this.  

I went on a walk today with my sister.  Felt so good.  Nothing crazy, just a slow walk around my neighborhood with Shepherd in the stroller.  I had been having cabin fever and needed to get out!  The walk was nice and I definitely felt better and  had more energy afterwards.  Shepherd was up ALL NIGHT last night.  Gassy and couldn't really settle.  So I needed some energy.   Luckily my mom and sis are in town taking care of me.  I slept until 1pm and woke up feeling like I had a hang over.  I'm hoping Shepherd sleeps better tonight.  He's definitely got his days and nights mixed up.  I don't care if I have to wake to feed him every 2 hours, it would just be nice if he actually slept in between feedings.  The only time he settles is if he's hooked to my boob all night.  But then I get paranoid I'm going to smother him in my sleep, so then I don't sleep well.  

Oh well, this too shall pass.  

Other than sleep deprivation, I'm loving every minute of Shepherd's newbornness.  He's sweet and smells good and makes me smile.  


Jacoline said...

Ooooh, the smell of your own newborn... I'm sniffing Mika's head for more than 3 months now and still can't get enough of it... Keep soaking it in!!!
I'm glad you're doing so well yet. Hopefully Shepherd will get a better rhythm soon.

katiewhitecoat said...

daaaaaaang 19lbs in a few days? have you told oprah about this?

katiewhitecoat said...

or maaaaaaybe first you should point out my horrible math skills. 14. come on.

Teresa Howard said...

There are safe ways to sleep with your infant- give me a call and I can help you understand how to sleep and have him nursing... sorry he is flipped upside down on his days and nights- I may have some other tips for you- call me!

Alessandra said...

hi jen! my name is alexi and i read your blog regularly!! so i've been doing WW for 12 weeks and started at 214.4 and am now 195. Anyway, I just found out yesterday i am pregnant with child #3! while i'm happy to be welcoming another baby, i'm really selfishly sad about not being ready (with my weight and all). As of right now, i'm allowed 25pts/day and after reading your blog, i see you basically added 4 for maintenance and 6 for the extra 300 cals making my daily total 35+ap+flex right? my question to you is does that seem like too many pts per day?? that feels like A LOT to me, and secondly, do i need to start the 35pts/day now? or should i wait until the 2nd trimester? i dont see my dr. until jan 15th and any advice is greatly appreciated!!!! (i only want to gain approx. 20-25lbs) thank you so much! my email is

ps. your kiddies are beautiful!! :)

Jen Gordon said...

Alexi- 35 pts is what you need to eat. And eat more if you feel hungry. It feels weird eating all those points when you're used to less, but your body needs those calories.

I'm eating 36 pts now for breastfeeding. I thought it was 34 pts, but after taking the online WW test thing, they have me at 36. ?

Anyhow- you can lose the rest of your weight after baby. Don't worry about your weight now, just eat healthy, stay active and grow your little bean. Congrats!

Alessandra said...

ok thank you so much!! not to bug but should i start that today? (according to the calendar and if my last period was in fact a real period, im almost 5 weeks) or should i eat 29/day now as if on maintenance and start the 35 points/day when i start the second trimester? i remember reading on your blog that you dont really need the extra 300 calories until then... sorry and thanks again!!! :)

Jen Gordon said...

I'd start now. If you're not hungry, you don't have to eat all the points, ya know?

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