Monday, December 01, 2008

I have some pretty amazing friends...

Feeling better every day.  Pubic bone is less tender and I can walk (or wobble) fine.  I walked down the stairs yesterday (without telling Ed) and got into trouble.  As I should have because once I got back up I was aching.  I just wanted to see my Christmas Tree I put up Friday that I couldn't enjoy.  So now I'm back in my bedroom jail and being a good girl and resting.  If I don't make myself rest, I'll regret it in labor.  So taking it easy is going to be my only option for now.  Which for those of you who know me- is the hardest thing in the world right now.  How am I supposed to nest in bed for Pete's sake?  

My friends I have to say, have been amazing.  Ed has been Mr Mom all weekend, but now he needs to work and I've had some anxiety about getting back into the swing of things so he can work.  I'm anticipating labor soon and I want Ed to feel settled with work.  Today alone two of my friends called to see if they could bring me something from the store.  One is bring us dinner tonight.  My other friend is taking the kids after school.  And ANOTHER friend is taking Amelia tomorrow while Fischer is at school.  And then two other friends brought me treats yesterday.  I always feel weird about letting people help me.  I mean, I'm not a martyr or anything, I definitely need help, but it takes me a moment to feel okay about it.   Plus I hate to feel like I'm making a big deal out of something.  Except to Ed- to him I totally cry and whine about it.  LOL

Anyway, it's just nice when you're in need of something and someone takes the time to help you.  Simple concept, but goes a long way.  I'm lucky enough to have friends that don't really ask- but just do it.  They know me well. 

Loading up on fruit today.   My lack of movement has caused some...ahem..."stalling' in the ol' digestive tract.  Good times...  My goal today is water and fruit!

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