Sunday, November 30, 2008

Feeling better...

It's amazing what a day of complete bed rest will do for you.  I feel much better.  I'm able to get up off the bed by myself and walk to the bathroom.  It still hurts and feels like I've been riding a horse for a week straight,  but I can do it.  Tylenol is my new best friend.  

My husband has been amazing.  If you can take a 9 month pregnant woman "potty" in the middle of the night, you pretty much get a gold medal.  He's also been bringing me my meals and whatever else I've needed (coughOREOScough).  Last night he ordered chinese food for me and surprised me with it.  We've been eating leftovers all week it, so I was thrilled to see take out.  

I've been spending a lot of time with Food Network.  I'm convinced I gained 5 lbs just from watching Paula Dean ya'll.  She made this delightful Cajun Fried Okra with chili sauce.  I want it.  And I want it now. 

I have to admit I've really just thrown in the towel food wise in the last few weeks.   My friend Sheila said by the end of pregnancy you get no comfort whatsoever so you just end up eating comfort food.  :)  That's me.  I'm not necessarily eating all bad food, just bigger portions.  I'm allowing more indulgences here and there.  And of course Thanksgiving doesn't help.   I've been trying to think forward and think about my plan for post baby weight.  I've decided to begin my official "lose the weight" journey come Jan 1st.  2009 will be the year I lose it again and I'm pretty excited about it all.  I'm equally excited to get back to my classes at the YMCA.  I've told Ed that as soon as baby gets a little predictable with feedings, I'm planning on going to the 6am Heat classes again first.  Then once Shepherd is 3 months old or so I'll start bringing him to the Y.  I'm also planning on beginning a walking regime that will evolve into a running routine.  I want develop a fitness routine as soon as possible (within reason of course).  I know it's all about habit.  If you say you'll never have time, then you wont.  But if you work it in just like you do food, it will become second nature.  I'm also very aware of my tendency towards post partum depression.  Which is another reason I want to start exercising ASAP.  Our bodies need that surge of endorphins in the midst of all the hormonal shifting.  

I remember before I lost the weight after Amelia I decided to really visualize myself doing it.  I could see myself fit and in control of my eating habits.  And staying focused on that made a big difference in me staying OP.  I've been visualizing myself again.  Fit.  Healthy.  I'm going to have three kids now, so I've got to stay fit to keep up.  God I miss that Energizer Bunny energy that exercise gives you...  I'm afraid I won't be able to do much more until after baby.  I need to give my pubic bone a break.  

Okay, I'm off to watch History Channel and listen to narrators with english accents and learn things.  It makes me feel less vegetative and kinda smart like. 

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