Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How low can you go?

38 weeks.....   Wow.  In many ways this pregnancy seemed long, but now it feels like it flew right by.  I'm over it, but I'm definitely not have as antsy as I was with my other two at this point.  And I have to say, my body is in much better shape this time around.  I feel stronger even though I have a lot of back pain.  More healthy.

Saw one of my  midwives today, Kay.  I told myself this pregnancy I would not to cervical checks until I was in labor or went WAY over due (42 weeks).  So as tempting as it was to have a cervical check, I chose not to ask.  I've been having so much prelabor lately that it does make me curious, but I know better than to assume I'm dilated.  Kay did, however, feel my tummy and declared: "His head is gone!"  LOL  He's way down in my pelvis now.  Yeah, no kidding!??  Maybe that's why I feel like my pelvis is broken lately.  So tender and just not fun getting in and out of bed in the middle of the night.  Anyway, all great news.  Thankful for that.  I've never had a baby drop into my pelvis before labor, so I'm all about it!

Went on a walk with Penny yesterday evening.  I tried to step it up a notch from letting the dog pull me along to actually participating in the walk and even categorizing it as a "brisk" walk. Felt good.  Brisk, but short.  Gets some oxygen to my brain and just gives me a little booste.  

Today Ed and I took the kids tot he mall and walked around.  We were bored and wanted to get out and do something, but avoid the cold.  We didn't realize Santa would be there, so that was a fun surprise.  The kids just hung out and talked with him.  No one else was in line.  Then we just walked around.  Eventually we passed a nail salon and Amelia and I got pedicures.  Her very first time even seeing a place that was only for nails!  She was so thrilled and perfectly behaved.  Like she'd done it a million times.  They painted her toes and nails.  She kept perfectly still and waited for them to dry.  She was so happy.  Felt like a "woman."  I was so tickled watching her.  We've got to make a habit of that.  Her and I going to get mani/pedi's.  My little baby will no longer be the baby anymore.  But she will be the only girl and I plan to get away for a girl's day out with her often.  

Now I'm off for a nap.  I covet naps.  I love them soo, sooo much.  Ed is off of work and Amelia is asleep.  I'm going to lay down and get some rest after all that mall walking.  


Kelle Ortiz said...

oh, I am so jealous about your pedi!
I can't wait for me and Gigi to go get one together!!

~heather said...

i'm totally getting a pedi while i'm down here in st augustine.
if you saw my toes today you would literally gasp. lol.
can't wait for mani/pedi dates with garland and cora...

Amanda said...

So good to hear from you! I was just thinking the other day...haven't heard from Jen's blog lately. :) I can't wait to read your birth story!

Jennifer said...

Hi! Your pedi sounds so good - I've never had one.

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