Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Early morning...

Well my body pretty much decided it was done sleeping at 5am.  I made a good dent in the book I'm reading for book club so at least I was productive.  The bath is running now to sooth my achy back.  How can a back ache after a good night's rest?  Anyway, I've got carpool duty and then I'm off to vote!  GO OBAMA!

Last night was not pretty.  This pregnancy is kicking my ass.  After we got the kids to bed I went to lie down in my bed and was just miserable.  Every ^%$*%&* part of me aches.  I called Ed upstairs and asked him to rub my back.  And then I just starting crying like a baby.  I don't remember it being this bad the last two times.  So there I was heaving and crying while Ed rubbed my back.  It was only 9pm and at some point I fell asleep.  Thank God.

I'm hoping today is better.  I really want to walk, but I'm sort of scared walking is going to make my back pain worse.  But yet I do want to walk to get this butter ball down!  It's a catch 22.   I'm counting down the hours until my next Chiro appt.  I had graduated to only one adjustment a week but I'm thinking I need to do two.  We'll see.

In the mean time (despite this weekend which was full of Halloween candy) I want to focus on getting some clean food in me.   I'm a believer in the "food is thy medicine" bit and I've just been putting some nasty stuff in me lately.  (Despite my no carb or processed junk rant the other day).  Probably not the best idea to start that in the midst of Halloween.  Anyhoo, the plan is FRESH.  Fresh foods.  Eating better is going to help alleviate my pain I hope.  I need energy and sugar and junk ain't gonna cut it.  

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