Thursday, October 30, 2008

Body? Are you in there somewhere?

You know you're pregnant and over it when you take your kids on a short bike ride (them riding, not me) down one street and you're pretty sure you earned roughly 8 APs.  And that was after a good nap.  God help me....

I have these visions of going back to the YMCA and lifting my weights and seeing my buff arms and feeling totally energized.  I was watching Survivor tonight and seeing the challenges and thinking: "Hey, we did that in Heat class!"    It....will...happen....again.  For now it's just so hard not having the energy to do those things, but so desperately wanting to.  I miss fitness!!  I can't explain it but I truly want to run so badly.  But for now the bowling ball in my crotch is holding me back.  Instead my 1-2 miles walks will have to do.  And at this point, my main motivation for walking is to move baby down and help get me ready for labor.  I remember feeling so miserable at 9 months with Amelia that I felt like a million bucks immediately post partum- sleep deprivation, sore nipples and all!  I can only dream of sore nipples now....  I cannot wait!  Oh yeah and then the baby.  What's his name?  

I just keep telling myself: my ass is smaller than it was with the other two pregnancies. I know I sound vain. Probably because I am. LOL My ass is one of the few things that brings me joy about my physical body at this point.   I may have a "multiples" belly, but by God my ass is doing okay.   Every day I lose a little bit more of my ankles.  The fluff is taking over.  Invading the boney parts.  But enough about me...

Tomorrow is Halloween.  I'm going to the Fall Festival at the kid's preschool and helping out with games.   Let's hope no poor soul decides to make a questionable comment about my belly.  God help them.  I'm in no mood.  I can see myself smacking someone and running out with my kids.  Then we have a parade at 5pm in our neighborhood.  Then a cookout.  Then Trick or Treating.  A nap is definitely in order.  Yowza.  

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