Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Quick post....

Yesterday was a brain dead day. I woke up, got the kids dressed and got them over to the neighbor's house since she was doing carpool that day. She looked at me and then I realized- SHIT! It's MY carpool day. Where is my brain? So I loaded them up and took them to school. Amelia and I then planted flowers on the back patio in pots. Amelia is a good gardener. Loves dirt and loves flowers. We ate a quick lunch of leftover pork tacos and headed back to school to pick up the boys (why does it seem like you have to turn right back and pick them up just as soon as you drop them off?). We came home and literally played outside the rest of the day. I did some more weeding and planting. It went slow because I was on my hands and knees and scooted on my butt in the garden. Bending is just not an option anymore. Suffice to say, I did not go on a walk yesterday. Gardening was enough.

I'm going to take it easy today and rest today. No intentional exercise on the agenda. My laundry needs some attention, as does the kid's room. There are clothes everywhere and toys everywhere. I usually make them clean it while I give instruction, but today I'd rather wipe it out myself. This will consist of me, on my hands and knees, sniffing out the urine soaked pants from the clean pants (my kids enjoy pulling out multiple sets of clothes and both happen to be potty training). I'm thinking about calling that show "Dirty Jobs" and seeing if that guys wants to take my place one day.

I'm so pumped! Friday I'm leaving for Boon to my Mom's mountain house with 6 girls from my book club. We're going up for a childless/husbandless weekend of wine, good food and our latest book discussion. My mom said the weather is cool and the leaves are at their peak of color. I cannot wait! Friday cannot come sooner. I've given explicit instructions to my husband that he is to feed the kids processed frozen ready made junk food to the kids, use paper plates only and not invite the other widowed husbands over to crash our house. I love having people over, but I don't love it when I come home to what appears to be remnants of a frat party when I've been away. I know, I know. I shouldn't complain. My husband is willingly taking the kids for me. No questions asked. I'm very grateful. He's amazing like that.

Okay, Tide and Downy are calling my name......

Goal today:

Drink more water
Eat more fruit
Avoid left over Banana Cake

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