Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall is finally in the air

I'm back from my book club weekend in the mountains and feeling very refreshed! It could not have been more perfect, other than more days to spend there. The leaves were vibrant and at peak color. The weather was cool and crisp and we made the most of our time cooking and eating good food and sipping hot chocolate. And I might add there were a few times I laughed so hard I had genuine concerns I was going to push my baby out. LOL

I've been walking twice this week. Both 2 miles each. Feeling good during the walks with the cool air. I'm starting to crash hard core in the afternoons. This poses a problem since that's the time my kids need a lot from me. 7 more weeks....

I had an appt today with my midwife. I was surprised to hear baby was already in my pelvis. She showed me where she felt his shoulders and chin, but head was way down. This surprised me and didn't. My babies have always been floating and high- even at 40 weeks. I've never had a baby that was "way down there." But, like I said last week, I've had a feeling he's dropped down. Good news! :) I guess my long walks are paying off.

This week is a busy week. My mom comes in town tomorrow, we have a waterbirth class that evening, then Fischer's birthday party is Saturday. Oh yeah, and my birthday is on Saturday too. It seems when your baby comes on your birthday, you are going to be forever overshadowed. I guess I don't really mind this year. Being 8 months pregnant and turning 30 isn't really all that fun. I'll have to have a 31st throw down party to remember. Hey, and by then- I'll be at goal! :) Ah...the days of size 4's and no back pain....

Going for a walk late this afternoon. In the mean time: nap.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen. I don't remember how I came across your blog. I think it was from the Weight Watchers chatroom? Anyway, Congratulations on your pregnancy & reaching your goal weight.
Your blog is an inspiration to the rest of us who wondered if you can make it through a pregnancy without gaining alot of weight.

Can u email me the recipe for the homemade raisin/almond bread?

Take Care, Jennifer

Lindsey Elizabeth Burke said...

Can Shepherd have a talk with Noah about dropping? I walk every morning and still have feet/knees in my ribs! I am feeling like he will never drop, just like Eli. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! 7 more weeks! YAHOO!!!!!

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