Wednesday, October 01, 2008

10 weeks left (or 12)

So I've had this goal in my head from the beginning of my pregnancy to make it to 30 weeks.  I'm not sure why 30 weeks was so important to me.  Maybe it's the final count down.  The home stretch. But I made it! 

 This pregnancy has been the hardest for me.  And I hesitate to even complain at all because I know it's a blessing to be pregnant period.  But I cannot tell you how much I look forward to being able to stand up and walk without pain.  Or bend over.  Or hold my kids in my lap.  Or bend over.  The only reason I continue walking is because it's the only time I'm not in pain.  When you walk you don't have to bend, twist or lift anything.  You just walk.  

This morning I'm going to the chiropractor and then coming back home to do some laundry and clean a little.  When I spend a few days running errands, I come home and realize my house needs some TLC.  I swear, like shoveling snow in a blizzard. 

I'm planning a walk later at some point.  Probably just in the neighborhood with the kids.  Maybe a dog or two if they're lucky.  I've walked 4 days in a row!  My goal is to walk everyday throughout the remainder of the pregnancy.  It's good for my body and baby.  

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Kelle Ortiz said...

i wish I could walk. I can't walk at back will give out.

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