Friday, October 17, 2008

Leaving for a weekend with the ladies...

This weekend my book club girls and I are going to my mom's mountain house in Boone. I'm very excited and ready to relax, eat good food and have good conversation that isn't interrupted by children. :) We're headed out here in an hour and I've still go to pack some stuff. We're carpooling up together so it should be fun with a bunch of ladies packed into my Odyssey. Only two of us are pregnant, so perhaps we won't stop quite as often as we do with the kids to pee and stretch our legs.

I went walking yesterday. 2 miles. Hard, once again. But good. Man, I cannot wait to be able to move more freely. I "cleaned out" my current iPod selections and put some oldies and goodies back on it. I needed to change it up a a bit. I'm anxious to have my 6 miler mix going and be able to run 6 miles again. Music always reminds me a running. Not sure why. I find running with good music so relaxing.

I plan to get to the trail I walk on in the mountains. 2 miles. Beautiful. I'll post pics when we get back!

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Linda said...

Sounds like you are going to have a great weekend! Have fun!!!

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