Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Holy Cow these figure ladies don't mess around.  I did my first "training" routine yesterday.  Hamstrings, calves and lower abs.  Or "holy shit my hammies are going to rip apart and burn up."  But I did it!   I kept re reading it thinking there were typos on the number of reps and sets.  Nope.  I was drenched in sweat and burned 275 calories doing:

Lying leg curls (with ball) These KILL!
Stiff legged partial dead lift (with 15 lb DB- 30 lb total- need more)
Standing leg curl (with resistance band)
Dumb Bell lunges (press w/ heel)
Seated leg curls
Step Ups / 3 sets of 30 to each leg

Leg press/Calf (toes in) -onstairs
Leg press/Calf (toes out)-on stairs
Standing calf raises (toes forward)


Hanging leg raises

Hip raises

Weighted Frog Kicks

After doing this yesterday, I woke up for bootcamp this morning and started down the stairs only to realize my calves where shot!  I swear I nearly fell. Guess it's all working. 

It's clear to me that I'm going to have to resurrect my gym membership right when I got all cynical and "I don't need you stupid gym."  80% of the sets are meant to be done on a machine.  And I'm pretty creative with modifications, but I'll need to challenge myself more without having to buy some fancy pants all in one machine thing to keep in my bedroom.  Especially the dead lifts.  The highest dumb bells I have are 15 lbs (30 total).  I need a true bar bell to lift and add weight.  All in good time.  

In the mean time I'm reading books like: "Women's Strength Training Anatomy " and "The New Rules of Lifting for Women."  So I'm all hard core now you know.  I'm not a fan of thick necked women or man arms- so I'll be customizing my muscle build and toning to my liking.  I want my legs to get smaller, but stronger.  But not man legs.  In fact, I don't want man anything.  But what attracted me to the idea of figure training was how strong these women are.  It's not about getting waifish.  It's about embracing your body and working hard to make the best of it.  And I really like that.  

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