Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Okay, okay- real pics.


Okay- for REAL.  Here are some before pics.  They aren't in my bikini- but they are safe enough for now.  Before I get into all the things I have to change about my body.  Let me give a disclaimer that I'm okay with these things.  I can live with love handles and saddle bags for the rest of my life.  I can.  The ONLY reason I'm going to show you my extra fat is because of the competition and my "experiment" on how to get rid of them or at least "shave" them down.  I have no expectation of myself to maintain a completely lean physique for the rest of my life.  I'm a real woman, with real curves.  I'm okay with this.  But for the purposes of my next goal- I have to change some things to meet it.  Okay?  So don't get all  unrealistic on me and start worrying about every little fat deposit on your body.  Or think that that's all I care about.  It is my focus for now- but that's because I'm meeting a goal.  There are WAY too many great things in life to focus on than love handles and saddle bags.  You're smart.  You know this. 

The Breakdown: 

Here's my abs.  Let me start by saying I love them.  They have come so far from where I started.  There are times I wish my tummy tuck scar were lower.  But that was the incision he had to make to keep everything smooth.  And I'm fine with it.  I'm better than fine- I'm thrilled with my tummy.   It will, however, prove to be an obstacle when choosing my Glittini wear.  But I think I'll be okay.   They all seem to wear the bikini circa 1985 anyway where it's all up high and shit.  The side view is to show you the Handles of Love.  Aren't they precious?  Those are the targets with all the cardio.  I have to really melt those off. 

That little rounded bump on the back has to go.  And when I had the lipo done on love handles during my tummy tuck- it cam out a tiny bit uneven (common).  So we'll have to see how that pans out of the next few months.

Now the legs...

Again- I like my legs.  I have good muscle tone.  I enjoy working my legs and often see results fast with my legs.  Or at least the part right below my shorts.  The minute I raise my shorts are when you can see the bags.  It's way more obvious in a bikini.  And you will see that soonish. 

The stuff on the back of my legs is what I have to target with cardio as well.  Gotta melt that bitch off too.  That'll come in handy when I need to get in some of my old jeans that are just a smidgen too tight.  

And so that is why I'm doing squat jumps, squat presses, mountain climbers, and what not.  Burn, burn, burn the bags!  Speaking of squat jumps- I gotta go get those in now while baby is napping.

Go do yours too!


Jenn said...

You'll be fine in the blingy suit b/c they are all so 1980-something. You can pull that puppy right up over your scar. I love your abs too but not in a creepy way. ;-)

Jen Gordon said...

Circa 1980 is all I can think about when I think of body building period. Ha ha.

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