Monday, May 03, 2010

I found a Glittini maker!!!

Been missing in action.  I'm sorry.  A client gave birth this week and births always throw me for a loop.  I left at 10pm and got back at 6am (right when my bootcampers were waiting for the torture at our neighborhood park).  No, I was not all GI Jane, I did not go through with bootcamp.  They ran without me.  But I had what us doulas call a "birth hangover" for two days.   Just in a fog.  Throw kids on top of that and you have a perfect mix for protein shakes spiked with vodka.

Just sayin.

Then this weekend was all about yard work.  We installed our rain barrel and compost bin.  And I added some cucumber vines to the veggie garden.  My other ones were killed by hail last week.  Then cleaned out a trashed flower bed and made it purdy.

Here's my rain barrel (collecting rain).  God must love me cause last night and today it has rained non stop.

Here's my garden.  Broccoli and peppers are the closer ones.  Then tomatoes in the other bed.  I've also got some potted tomatoes and cucumbers and herbs on the porch.  And some pot.  Just kidding.

The kids and I sprouted some herbs.  Look at the cute little cinnamon basil ones that sprouted already!!  We'll plant these on the porch soon after they fully sprout.

Yellow= Lemon Balm
Red= Cinnamon Basil

My figure training is going good!   2 weeks on plan.  4 lbs down.  I'm also in a pair of capri jeans that I swore were way, WAY too small for me just a few weeks ago.  They are one of the "the prepregnancy jeans" I wanted to be in this summer.  And now they're fitting- and not snug.  So I guess my ass is feeling the love.  What I mean is the ass is going down and getting toned.  And (this is super great) a bootcamper has a friend she works with that is a figure competitor!  I squealed allowed when she told me.  She's going to get me her contact info.  And get this: she makes glittinis!  Like, a professional glittini maker!  I see some bedazzling in my future....  We'll be best friends.  We'll drink protein shakes together and talk about our calves.  It's going to be so awesome....

I also discovered something lovely.  If I put a scoop of chocolate whey protein in my coffee- it kind sorta tastes like a mocha!  I know, right?  It's a wonderful dream.  I also got a free week pass to the Snap Fitness near me.  It's literally 1.5 miles away.  So this means I can run there, get my weight sets in and run back to mi casa.

Okay- lots going on in my head.  Gotta find time to write....

(Or if you're a guy that reads my blog coughdarylboyercough: LYLAB)

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Michelle said...

Your posts always make me laugh and smile - you funny lady!

Glittinni Maker! I think Meghan was right, after you do this there must be an official drink created in your honor!


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