Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Mantras...

Note to self.....

Just because Ed suggests we eat out one night doesn't mean you have to eat cheese dip by the ladle full.

Just because there is a baby shower does not mean you have to have the most ginormous piece of cake.  After a full, healthy lunch. There was a veggie tray you know.  Totally untouched.  You would have had free reign of it.  Hell, you could have loaded it up with ranch dressing and come out better.

Just because you're friend comes in town to do your hair (cause she's a super, fantab sylist) and then her husband brings back La Fonda late at night doesn't mean you have to eat the chips they're offering.  And the guacamole.  AFTER you already had a complete dinner and were already feeling stuffed and bloated.

Just because you get called out to a birth on no sleep doesn't mean the ONLY breakfast option is a sugary sweet blueberry muffin.  There were hardboiled eggs right there in the frig.

Just because you're PMSing doesn't give you permission to eat like a crazy woman.  Even though you're, well, crazy.

Friday can be summed up in two words: Crab Ragoons.

You've fed Mocha Dragon a little too much and she's about to lay one big Cadberry Egg.   Reign in it a little.

You pretty much stopped tracking your food on Wednesday and let the rest of the week/weekend  go to shit.

Yeah, this will probably result in a weight gain.  And you will lose some ground.

Good news is that you also made smart choices this week too.  You resisted eating out on a very stressful solo parent day and instead cooked a healthy meal for you and your kids.

Opting for grilled chicken salad has become easier than before.

Egg whites are growing on you.

Planning ahead is becoming a habit for you and it makes things so much easier on you.

You have made big changes.  

You're doing really really well.   Keep going.   And smile while you're at it.


Jenn said...

I can relate.

You ARE doing really well.

Jen Gordon said...

Thanks Jenn.

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