Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ch-Ch-Changes (and chocolate dragons)

And I only had a guy come over once to correct my use of the pull up machine!  But the place was dead.  Which is ideal for me.  I completed my full body set and finished up with 20 mins on the elliptical for a little cardio.  About 1.5 hours and 430 calories.  The gym 1.2 miles from my house.  It's across the street from my coffee shop.  So if I calculate that correctly- I'm probably 30 feet from a mocha at any given rep.

The set was hard, but good.  I really like being in front of the mirror and seeing my muscles works.  Did I just type that?  I dunno, there's something cool about seeing your body change and get stronger before your eyes.  I'm noticing big changes in my arms.  I think that's because they carry the least body fat.  I would like to have some pretty defined shoulders at the end of this.  My abs seem to be changing too.  And my quads are definitely defining.  My ass, well, I'm sure under the fluff it's changing too..

I've successfully recovered from my Mother's Day Food Fest and have a good, solid week under my belt.  It's amazing what a week or even a day of healthy eating can do for your mind and body.  Sugar really does zap you.  And just makes you want to have more.  I'm finally experiencing that first hand.  I bought cup cakes for my oldest's baseball trophy awards ceremony today and they're sitting on my kitchen counter.  I don't even have a flicker of desire to eat them.  Not at all.  That's big folks.  Real big.

Speaking of sugar...  I'm trying to cut back on mochas.  I know, I know.  All diets are dead to me if I have to give up mochas.  But, in an effort to meet my goals- physical (and financial for that matter) I've cut way back.   I've tried a few stand ins.  FAIL.  The closest is the Starbuck's Double Shot Espresso Lite.  It's 70 calories.  And it wakes me up.  But I can't nurse it for 2 hours like I do the Grande Mocha.  But it's okay.  It'll do.  But the mocha dragon does not keep her distance.  I have to feed her every now and then.  I imagine the Mocha Dragon looks similar to one of those chocolate bunnies you got in your easter basket.  OH wait- if you google "chocolate dragon," guess what you get?

  Maybe it lays Cadberry Eggs.

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