Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stop and smell the roses, would ya?

Last Saturday we had a fun day with the family.  We went to Fischer's last baseball game and trophy awards.  I brought cupcakes for the team that ended up being cup-slushies since it was humid and hot outside.  But they didn't care.  So I didn't either.  Then we headed home to grill out with Noni and Pop!  We let the kids stay up late and run around barefoot (and pantless in Shepherd's case).  Here's some pics because there should be pics of days like these.

Love my roses.  I plant a rose bush each year for Mother's Day. 

Amelia. The most wiling subject to my photographs. 

My oldest an his first baseball trophy!

I love these thighs.  Seriously.  I want to throw them in a crockpot with salt and pepper. 
Nom nom nom nom

That's my girl..

There's Special Ed.  He doesn't like getting his pic taken.  

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