Thursday, May 20, 2010

Backyard Bootcamp

Sometimes us mamas cannot access a solid block of time to workout.  Sometimes we use that as an excuse to not workout.  Sometimes I like to pretend Edward Cullen is spotting me on chest presses.  But that's not really on topic.  Where was I?  Sometimes you have to carve out time with the kids and get your workout in.  Now, it may not be solid sets/reps like you type -A-ers might like- but it'll get the job done. The other morning Fischer (my favorite- as I tell all of them) came on the back porch with me to do some strength.  

First we started with a protein shake:

Then I had him do some tricep dips.  He did, like, two and then thought it was over.

Next the plank:

Wall Sit:

Asked to catch his breathe:

Other ideas?

Play airplane
Race up the stairs
Ride your bikes
Jump on the trampoline (with Depends)

And then for more protein shake:


Alessandra said...

omg the second pic of him against the wall is priceless!!! haha

Jen Gordon said...

I know! And it was totally genuine. He makes the best faces.. :)

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