Monday, May 10, 2010

Mutha's Day Weekend Beeeeyotch!

So, I think I got a little diva this weekend with all the wonderful treatment I received from my husband and kids and got into the "you deserve it" mentality and ate too much.  I didn't binge or anything- just indulged too much for where my focus has been.  But, it's okay.  I'm back on track and building muscle!

I did, however, have a fabulous Mother's Day weekend.  I got to sleep until 10 freaking 30!  Then I awoke to this:

Fischer made me two cards:

It says: 
"I lic my mom beccus yoo play with me."

"I luv my mom becus yoo let mee go to resrut."
(picture of us sitting at a table together eating at a restaurant)

Then he made another card on photoshop on Daddy's computer: 

"I like my mom because she lets me make food with her and she lets me play with her and she lets me play legos and I am so happy.  I just like her because she lets me do everything." 

And there's a cute pic of Fischer and I back in 2003.

Then Amelia made me this mini notebook of a story of she and I going to New York City.  She's obsessed with NYC and wants to go really bad.  She's a girl after my own heart.  So basically she drew us frolicking around the city.  We sort of look like Humpty Dumpties with arms and legs poked into us that look like twigs.  That's her style...  And I love it. Unfortunately I can't find the small book she made.  She likes to carry things in mini suitcases everywhere she goes "just in case" and I think she carried it to school with her today.  

So that was my morning.  

Then I called my mom to wish her a Happy Mother's Day.  She was in Paris with her friend.  So she was obviously having a great Mother's Day.

But then of course nothing says Mother's Day like spending all day without your children.  So, I met up with some other mamas for a long, drawn out brunch.  It was great. Good conversation and lots of laughing.  Then I headed to a shoe store where I then roamed around and tried on shoes for 45 mins.  No stroller or keeping track of chillins.  Heavenly.  I had made up my mind that I was going to get some gladiator sandals.  And they were going to be all bedazzled and shit.  But after trying about 10 pairs I decided I'd go for some jellies.

Then it was  pedicure time:

They don't play..

And the part where they scrub my foot and I use breathing techniques to not jerk my leg back because I'm crazy ticklish. 

Enjoying the massage chair.  I seriously almost fell asleep.

And that's how I spend my Mother's Day. 

What did you do?


Alessandra said...

so i tried the stevia this morning... yah. not so much. :0

Alessandra said...

oh yah, and happy mothers day!!!! :)

Jen Gordon said...

Yeah, stevia does have to grow on you. It's definitely a different taste. :)

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