Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pic of my bootcampers!

I love these girls.  They're all so funny and work really hard.  Two of my favorite qualities in people!  I wouldn't want to get up at 5:40am every morning if it weren't for them.  They're cool.

Here we are warming up with a run:

Tricep Dips:
(Or Turrets Dips as I like to call them)

Mmmmmm  Up/Down Planks:  
Meghan in the green is totally cheating in this pic.  Her ass should be DOWN!

Tara is not cool with me taking her pic: 

Wall Sits:

Ashely is growling at me:


Meghan said...

You know you'd have more fun if I was there!


Jen Gordon said...

I would!

Lindsey Elizabeth Burke said...

I ditto what Meghan said! But...alas the working world has called my name and I am at work while you lovely ladies are working your cute little tooshies off!

Amanda said...

I soooo wish I could do bootcamp with you every morning!! I think it would be so awesome.

BTW, did you cancel your twitter account?

Jen Gordon said...

I would love to have all of you! It would be fun. Tell that to my bootcampers when they're cursing my name during mountain climbers.

I changed my name on Twitter. www.twitter/


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