Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Incredible Edible you know

I go through egg phases.  Sometimes I love them, sometimes I hate them.  I love Eggs Benedict.  Poached and smothered with hollandaise sauce and put on a toasted english muffin.  I mean- that's just heaven.  But I despise scrambled eggs.  Unless they have heavy cream, cream cheese and cheddar cheese completely smothered into them.  So...

Here's the break down of special egginess from wikipedia.

Eggs add protein to one's diet, as well as various other nutrients.
Chicken eggs are the most commonly-eaten eggs. They supply all essential amino acids for humans,[16] and provide several vitamins and minerals, including vitamin Ariboflavinfolic acidvitamin B6vitamin B12cholineironcalciumphosphorus and potassium. They are also an inexpensive single-food source of protein.
All of the egg's vitamin A, D and E is in the egg yolk. The egg is one of the few foods that naturally contain Vitamin D. A large egg yolk contains approximately 60 Calories (250kilojoules); the egg white contains about 15 Calories (60 kilojoules). A large yolk contains more than two-thirds of the recommended daily intake of 300 mg of cholesterol (although one study indicates that the human body may not absorb much cholesterol from eggs[17]). The yolk makes up about 33% of the liquid weight of the egg. It contains all of the fat, slightly less than half of the protein, and most of the other nutrients. It also contains all of the choline, and one yolk contains approximately half of the recommended daily intake. Choline is an important nutrient for development of the brain, and is said to be important for pregnant and nursing women to ensure healthy fetal brain development.[18]
Recently, chicken eggs that are especially high in Omega 3 fatty acids have come on the market. These eggs are made by feeding laying hens a diet containing polyunsaturated fats and kelp meal. Nutrition information on the packaging is different for each of the brands.

Hard boiled eggs are where its at for me. 

Boiling eggs proved to be quite challenging for me.  I mean, I got the job done, but I couldn't peel the shell off without taking half the egg white with it.  And I tried various methods.  Bringing to a boil with eggs already in, adding eggs to the boiling water, etc.  Then I'd over cook them or under cook them.  Sometimes I just have blocks with certain foods.  I cannot cook them to save my life.  The same thing happens to me with coffee.  I suck at making coffee.  

Enter mocha.  Duh.

Last year my mom got me this nifty egg cooker.  I love it.  It's a no brainer and cooks eggs perfectly.  
Isn't it cute?  Reminds me of an Apple product.


First you poke a hole (provided by cute little water cup that comes with egg cooker) in large part of egg. Except don't do it like I have pictured.  Or you'll have running egg goo everywhere.  I enjoy taking inaccurate pictures of things.   You turn egg over and prick the hole by twisting it in.  (I know)

Then put- hole side up- in egg cooker. 

Then put top on and wait about 16 mins.  Perfect hardboiled eggs that peel really easily.  And this works because I'm lazy as hell.  

How do I eat my eggs?

Sometimes I eat the egg whole as is.  Or sometimes I chop up the egg whites into some steal cut oatmeal.  Or chopped up in a salad.  iSalad.  I love deviled eggs and you can make them lower calorie by using greek yogurt in place of mayo.  Or make egg salad sandwiches.  Whatevs.  Eggs are fun.  And cool.  Everyone is doing it.    

So go get some eggs.  They're cheap and easy and full of the good stuff!

And with that I'll leave you with tomorrow's bootcamp workout:

Warm Up: Jog 1/2 mile block

2 mins stations:
3: Mission Impossibles with resistance band on ankles
5: Kettle bell swings- 10 lb and 20 lb
7: Weighted hoola hoop
8:Knee ups on park ledge

Group Work:
Run 1/2 mile block
Leg pushes w/ parter (abs)
60 sec net kicks
30 sec runner's squat
30 sec jumping lunge

1 min plank
60 sec net kicks
30 sec runner's squat
30 sec jumping lunge

Run 1/2 mile block

cool down/stretch


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Can't wait to (hopefully depending on where we live) join in on the boot camp ass kicking!

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