Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I made my 10% goal! I've lost 10% of my body weight since joining back meetings at 184 lbs. 19 lbs down in 2 months! (61 total). I was so excited to get my 10% keychain last night at my meeting. My leader made me stand up front and talk about what has made this journey so far successful. I basically just said sticking to the plan (never cheating essentially) and coming to meetings is the biggest thing. Before when I did WW- I never went to meetings. I see now how that worked against me. Those meetings are an absolute priority for me now. It's what keeps me going. I love weighing in and seeing the results. It's also motivating to see other's have success and we share our secrets (staying on plan-LOL). I proudly put my 10% keychain on my keys last night. I love those cheesy rewards! I weighed in at exactly 165 lbs even. At the rate I'm going- I could see my ultimate goal come Thanksgiving. 135 lbs! I can't wait. I'm very much enjoying wearing my size 10 jeans. They feel good and fit comfortably (no muffin top). LOL

I'm learning more and more now how it's important to reward yourself with other things than food. My whole life I've thought food was the ultimate reward. Now I'm seeing things differently. I've always celebrated birthdays and other occassions with eating. Eating A LOT! To the point of getting sick even. And that habit pretty much cornered me into not enjoying other things like shopping. Mainly because I hated buying bigger clothes. I hated the way I looked. I hate pictures of myself, therefore I never took any. Like I said before- I lived life under the radar. Not really participating because I just felt icky. I just didn't feel like I was "me." That's why now I'm really making this lifestyle change. I want it to stick. This has become a MAJOR priority.

If I want to reward myself now- I'll go walking alone. Or I'll go get a coffee. Or I'll get a pedicure. There are so many things I can do besides hit the frig. It's truly revelutionary to me. If it's 7pm and I have zero points left and no weekly allowance points left- I get creative. Sometimes that means I reward myself with sleep and I go to bed! lol Sometimes I'll take a bath. Whetever it is I DON'T EAT. It's hard. It's a true test of self discipline.

My next goal is to weigh in at 155 by Sept 31st. I'm gonna do it!

My new long term goal is to be 125 lbs at my 10 year High School Reunion in April 2007. (Am I that old?)

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