Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Whoo hooo! Down another 2.2 lbs at weigh in! I was a little taken though because my home scale said I was 167.9 that morning and WW scale said 168.5 at meeting. Oh well. I'm getting picky because 166 lbs is my 10% target and I want that damn charm! LOL My goal was to reach 166 by August 31st and I'm pretty sure I'll meet that.

Things are going well. Fischer started a day camp at YMCA all this week and then he starts preschool next week for 3days/week. My baby is growing up!! He's in a tough stage lately. He's really resisting sleep which is new for him. That alone is causing some "stress eating" signals to come up in me. I've really had to reign myself in and stay out of the kitchen. It's worked only by the grace of GOD! Amelia is a sweetheart as always. Her smile alone can keep me going for days. Did I mention how much I love my kids?? They are awesome. I thank God for them everyday. Sure, they have their dramatic days but it's not their fault- they got that pesky gene from their mama.

Not much else going on- just stiking to plan and eating well. Really trying to be aware of my water intake. For weight loss and breastfeeding. When I get low on water- I can see a difference in my milk supply. So I need to stay on that! I feel really good. I can't believe Amelia is only 4 months and I'm already back in pre-pregnancy jeans. It's surreal. It took me 1.5yrs at least to get there after Fischer. I can't wait for Fall. My birthday in is October and I'm asking for gift cards to shop!!! I want some new SMALLER clothes!!!

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